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July 2006
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xmm_vic [userpic]
Vik meets a couple of gurls

Met up with a couple of chicks out a shitty dive bar at the docks, damn that place was rundown. Only reason I actually came in was to look at the bike, looks like one of the chicks digs bikes and is a mechanic, not too bad but pretty small in the chest dept. O well, she's a bit more rough and tumble than me normal, course do I even have a normal after two years of abstinance? Shit.

O well out with the folks tommorow, going museam sight seeing.

Jorgen's Bar

Ahh, bars. Izzy loves them! She strides into Jorgen's with a mission in her mind, and mischief in her eyes. Not immediately finding the object of her goals, she sits at the end bar so she can casually scan thee room and orders an bottle of whiskey.

The roar of an engine, nothing new down here, closes in on the bar and stops eventually after a rev or two of the engine. Minutes go by, then finally a tall muscular man walks in, his eyes checking out the local. Holding his matt black helmet under his arm he spys perhaps the only people worth talking to, the barkeep and a woman. He climbs into the stool and orders a beer from the barkeep, frowning each time the fellow mentions another american pillzner. Finally he just grumbles out about something dark and puts his helmet on the bar itself and shucks off his jacket tossing it over the helmet as well.

Isabel eyes the newcomer to the bar, but alas, he is not Cain either. Sighing and frowning herself, she turns to the returning bartender and asks with a thick Texan accent, "Hey sug, th' big guy... whiskey drinker... he been 'round lately?" The bartender shakes his head and answers with a simple "No." He leaves Izzy to sigh at her bottle of whiskey and take a swig.

Vicktor waits for his beer, which is eyed warily as he takes a sip, grimaces, and puts it down. With a growl he shows his dissatisfaction "No way, that takes like rat piss dude, give me..." he gropes for what he should drink. Vicktor looks around, spies the bottle of whiskey and points to it. "Ya, whiskey, something decent if you have it." God bars that have shit booze, stupid fucks.

Isabel raises her bottle to the man across the bar and tilt her head back, pouring more of the liquid down her throat. "It's Texas water, sug!" she calls.

With a chuckle Vicktor waits a moment for the barkeep to bring him a rather squat short bottle, and a few shotglasses. The bartend even pours for him, what a gentleman. Vicktor grabs one of the shot glasses and takes the shot, quick and with a hard swallow croaks out, "Damn, that's some good shit barkeep. Leave the bottle." He reaches down and takes the next glass, and a little slower sips the shot swirling the expensive liquor and finally swallows.

Isabel snickers as she watches the man struggle with his drink and takes a long drink from her own bottle, shotglass discarded. And just to show off, she calls to him again with a perfectly normal voice, "I don't know /barkeep/, I don't think that one knows how ta hold his liquor."

Feeling challenged Vicktor pours out two glasses again, and slides one down the bar heading on towards the snickering woman. "Have some, it's not as easy as yer normal Texas water chika." With that he slams down his own shot like a pro. Damn that's good stuff.

Free booze! Izzy eagerly catches the sliding shotglass, a bit trickling over the side into her head. She pops the shot into her mouth and swallows, leaving her head tiled back for the burning liquid to slide down her throat, a very satisfying feeling, if she must say so herself. She follows the drink up by licking the evidence off her fingers. "Ain't half bad, fer somethin' ya find in a damn big city like this,"s he comments, moving to sit a stool closer to Vicktor.

The large man nods to the smaller woman, "Yep, then again they don't sell that good of stuff here in the states anymore so it's either home made moonshine or imported crap. Shame though since we invented whiskey." he mentions with a mournful face. Looking over at Isabel he reaches his hand out, offered out to shake the girls and introduces himself. "Names Vic, what's a Texan girl like yourself doing in a dive bar in New York?" said in the perfect muddle accent but assuredly not from New York or the area.

"I'm here 'cause I'm lookin' fer somethin', not that a bar like this is outta my norm anyhow. But, seein' as I'm not findin' th' guy I'm lookin' for, I guess now I'm sittin' here with ya, drinkin' some half-assed whiskey thats some 'f th' best I can find," Izzy says before she can shut her mouth. She pauses for a moment and laughs, saying, "/Gawd/ I can ramble, can't I? New Yorker's must wanna beat th' shit outta me."

"Not from New York so I couldn't say rightly say. So cowgirl eh? Been to that crappy cowboy bar, god what the hell was it's name..." he pauses and takes another shot, and one offered for the female companionship as well. "The Rowdy Wrangler, I haven't seen more glitz on a fake city cowboy since watching westerns on my grampy's knee." Vicktor snorts, his contempt for city cowboys evident.

Isabel laughs hearitly and moves from sitting on the stool to sitting on the bar counter next to Vicktor. "Izzy," she says, sticking her hand out. "An' yes, I been ta thtat 'bomination. Almost got in a full out bar fight. Woulda been a shame, all them city boys playin' dress up gettin' their asses handed to 'em." She shakes her head almost mournfully and snickers again, tilting her head back for another drink.

Vicktor takes the outstretched hand in his own and grins at the mention of the bar brawl. "Was tempted myself, more so when the painted whore's there attempted to line dance. Course I've been told in New York whores are a whole ten bucks out here stead of back home where they still just two bucks." he says with a slight smirk. He pours again, one for him one for Isabel the bar girl.

Isabel snorts at Vic, taking another drink from her whiskey bottle. She pulls her black stetson ouff of her head, placing it on the bar next to her. "/Whores/? Sonny, if'fn ya got ta git a whore ta satisfy yaself, there's somethin' more goin' on than ya jsut bein' lonely," she comments, throwing a glance around the bar again.

Vicktor snickers to himself, "Naw don't need no whores, just a comment on the way them girls at the other bar looked. Like regects from Tammy Fae camp or summin ya know? None of them could line dance for shit, I mean I'm not the king of it or nothing but shit I can at least not step on a woman's feet." Pah, fucking city cowboys are just nuts.

The door shudders with the entrance of another customer. With a tan halter top and dark blue jeans, Lorna looks the picture for casual. As casual as a woman with green hair can get, anyway. Fingers scratch thoughtfully at the back of her head as she glances around, lower lip tucking forward as she sputters a sigh. She heads to a nearby table, seating herself in a wobbly chair.

Isabel smiles and shakes her head lightly. "Whateva ya say, sug. So, what's a guy like yerself doin' in these parts?" she asks, attempting casual conversation that /doesn't/ include violence. Izzy looks up to the door, casting the girl a slightly disappointed look at the girl, upset that she is not male and almost seven feet tall. She nudges her boot against Vic's knee and nods her head towards the newcomer.

Taking the que from his new companion he turns around and looks at the green haired young lady sitting at the table. his eyebrows raise up a bit and he turns back around and takes another shot, damn have to pour again. "Just moved out from Arizona, gunna go to school out here I suppose. Course it's amazing to see green once again, I think we've had a dry spell even for the desert for nearly eight years or so." he finishes while pouring himself two more drinks and looking at his nearly empty bottle. "Sure wasn't for the cowboy bars." he barks out laughing at his own joke.

Not far behind, the door doesn't get comfortable in its niche before it's swung open again, this time by someone far...taller. Lillian strides in, the metallic heel of her boots making an audible click on the floor as she heads straight for the bar. Straddling one of the bar stools for balance, she takes the time to look around, her gaze pausing at the sight of the green-haired female, and the pair sitting at the bar. Tucking one foot under the opposite knee, Lil turns her attention to other things. Like the bottles behind the bar.

A bar maid tends to the youth with an impatient flip of her note pad. "Uh, ice water'll do," Lorna is quick to reply. Nails rap across the uneven table top. She looks back to the door as it bares a rather tall, female figure. Green eyes follow her, fascinated by the height in the woman. Then, remembering herself, Lorna's attention sways towards the alcohol beyond the bar. "Still got another week," Lorna murmurs to herself. Her head falls into her propped up palm.

Isabel surveys the second new woman to enter the bar and shifts her feets back to her own stool, butt firmly planted on the bar counter, black stetson next to her. "Arizona, huh?" she asks Vic, smiling at him. "Was just out there a few weeks ago. Picked up a straggler." Catching the words from the girl at the table, Uzzy eyes her but says nothing to her for the moment.

Vic totally notices the second entrance, the leather corset very nice in his eyes and he give her a slight nod and a smidge of a salute as he down's another whiskey, damn this stuff is good. "You usually pick up strays Izzy? Not exactly safe for a woman, unless of course your stray happens to be either a kitten or a chika." He holds out one of the filled shot glasses for her.

"Tequila. Sauza Gold, if you have it." comes the reply when Lillian is asked what she'd like. Steepling her fingers so she can rest her fingers on them, she waits patiently for her drink, brown eyes drifting to the barmaid who brings what might be -ice water- to the greenie type girl. A mere arched eyebrow is offered the saluting man, before grabbing her shot glass and indicating the bottle should be left.

Verdant bangs are swept back behind an ear. When her glass of water is brought Lorna accepts it with a smile that isn't returned. Eyes drift towards the door, which has grown still without newcomers. A cube of ice slips into her mouth, and is abruptly chewed. Bad for the teeth, maybe; Lorna doesn't care. She grasps the glass and stands, an impatient, but intent, expression drawing across her face as she heads towards the bar, eyes flicking towards the tender.

Isabel nods her head to Vic. "I tend ta pick 'em up when it seems necessary. Weren't there fer long b'fore movin' outta that hellhole, an' he really needed ta git outta there. Better'n him hitchin' with a questionable trucker. 'Sides, he keeps me from drivin' drunk, an' he's a pretty darn good friend by now." Izzy stops her train of thought to not to the green haird girl. "Well hey there, peapod," she says to her, friendly enough.

Vic turns his head to eye the green haired girl walking up. "Hmm." is all that escapes his lips as he turns back around and stares at his empty shot glass and how much is left in the bottle, and the fact he needs to ride home sometime tonight.

Lillian takes down the tequila without benefit of salt or lemon. The way it should be. Pouring herself another shot, she takes her time with this one, holding the glass and swirling it around to catch the aroma. This is not what she ordered, and Lil picks up the bottle to inspect it. Distraction! Watching the green haired girl approach, she offers, "Lovely shade." referring to the girl's hair when she gets a closer look.

Lorna's stride is an uncertain one. Her eyes search a few faces, and glance over towards the tables and booths against the walls. She pauses to teeter a closer look at a man puffing on a cigarette, as if she were almost convinced he was familiar until he moves his head from the shadows. Her head turns back to Isabel, an instant smile sprouting across her face. "Peapod?" A lone brow arches, "/That's/ a new one," That smile dims into a smirk as she steps back, "Hello," she offers to the three. "And.. Oh! Thanks."

"Izzy," she says, directing her introduction to both ladies. "An' Miss Peapod, we're near th' docks, so I'm not sure if'fn ya want ta be trustin' that iced /water/." Izzy winks at her and tips the mouth of her whiskey bottle towards Lorna, silently offering.

Vic turns around the other way, so he can see the girl who's walking up and talking behind him. "Most likely not, I mean this /is/ New York it's not like they have an abundance of good water around." Vic indicates his thoughts with a snort. "Vic." his version of greetings to the ladies.

"In the days of the Old West," Lillian pipes in, an almost sly smile on her face, "I hear you'd be told to go drink out of the horse trough if you wanted water." The look on her face is not malicious, even if it's not overly friendly. "Lil." she responds to the group in general, then sets her tequila bottle down on the bar, eyeing it with suspicion. "Someone tell me, is it this bar's custom to refill empty liquor bottles?"

Attention drops to the water in her hand when it is indicated. Lorna's lips pull aside in a sheepish smile while her gaze addresses each of them. "Yee-ea. Well, I'm just looking for someone. A /late/ someone," Lorna says. She holds up a polite hand to the offered whiskey. "And since I'm related to him, I better not be caught drinking anything else here. Not yet, anyway. Lorna," she greets.

Isabel laughs at Lil's comment and pulls the bottle back to her side. "I believe ya're right, Miss Lil. HOweva, even in those days I believe New York was a far cry from the ol' west. City Slickers. An' I don't know th' bar well 'nough ta answer yer question."

Vic nods as well, "Soda's probably yer best bet then Lorna, been what I'm doing as I really don't think the water here will be anything like what we had out in the dry west." he says with a slight smirk on his face and a bit of lightness around his eyes. "So yer waiting for someone, and they asked you to come /here/ shit ya might just wanna kick them."

Lillian chuckles softly and nods at Lorna. "In that case, I think you can be excused. However.." a finger beckons a barmaid over. "Bring me something else. And go dump this into the bay." she orders, pushing the bottle into the girl's hand and releasing, not waiting to see if the waitress has gripped it yet. And so the bottle goes crashing to the floor. Looking back at the group, she shrugs in an unapologetic manner. "Oops."

The glass of water is set upon the bar top, and she seats herself on a stool. "Dry west, huh?" She props her head upon her fist. "Well, I was supposed to meet him outside. An hour ago." All this talk about the bad water has made her look at the glass differently. She makes a face, and looks about to ask for something else until the crash of Lillian's bottle startles her.

Izzy shakes her head and takes another swig of whiskey, startling as well with Lil's breaking bottle. "Aww sug, ya broke a perfectly good bottle 'f cheap, crappy liquor that I'm sure they could a pawned off on th' right drunk." Turning to Lorna she says, "Ya know Peapod, I'm a lookin' fer someone to, maybe th' same person? Who ya lookin' fer?"

"Bartend, get the girl a cola, and me as well." he calls out loudly to the now distracted Bartender who's scowling at his helper and muttering about the mess. "Need to call him hon? Ya can borrow my cell if you want to?" he asks politely not wanting to leave the girl stranded in a dive like this one.

"Better to wait in here than out there. Though it's not -much- better." says Lil in a distracted tone, watching the barmaid clean the mess. "Oh, put it on my tab and give me another bottle already." she instructs the 'tender, flashing a grin in Izzy's direction. "Oh well, I suppose they'll have to find another bottle to pawn off on the right sucker."

Lorna offers an appreciative smile to Vicktor before looking back at Isabel. "Really? Ha, I hope not," she chuckles. "I was supposed to meet my father outside. Nah, I got a cell myself... I called him a few minutes ago, his phone was off. Or dead," She about takes a sip of the water, then thinks better of it. "Which would be no surprise."

Isabel frowns, not remembering the girl from when she first walked in, but that /could/ have been more than an hour. Who knows? Time passes indeterminably for her in them. "Well Peapod, ya ain't walkin' back out there in th' dark. So if'fn he don't show, I'll take ya home," she offers, picking up the glass of water and setting it down on the counter behind her. Better safe than sorry.

The now pissed off Bartender finishes up pouring the two soda's and brings them over and looks at the half empty bottle of whiskey in front of Vic. Vicktor looks at Izzy with a question in his eyes, "Ya want some more Iz? I think I'm done with the bottle unless ya are." he taks a glug of soda and hands the other over to Lorna. "So yer dad eh, ya spose ya shouldn't get caught drinking by yer old man then."

Lillian seems to be in general agreement with the rest of the group. "You shouldn't be drinking around your father, true. But then, he really shouldn't be making you wait around for him in this area." The next bottle of tequila is brought, and Lil takes a shot out of it with more satisfaction. "That's more like it...kind of a strange place to be meeting your dad, isn't it?"

Lorna holds up a finger. "Not yet," she chimes to Vicktor. Her gaze rolls over to the unusually tall woman, a slender smile tugging her lips. "Outside's not so bad. I came in on my own. We were going to meet earlier to take the last Ferry out to Liberty Island, but he couldn't make it in time. I was just waiting for him to pick me up." The soda is taken gratefully, and she drinks from the glass heartily. "He'll get an earful later."

Isabel laughs heartily and says, "Well I can't really agree with ya'll. I'z raised in a bar, so they're just like home. /Howeva/, I must say, yer daddy sounds like he either needs a kick ta githim movin' along, or a watch ta tell what time it is."

Vicktor turns his head over to Izzy, "Nother stray Izzy?" he mentions with a smirk. "O I agree, if he doesn't get here soon Lorna ya should probably run along if ya have your own car I'll walk you out. Can't be too safe and you look rather tempting for some creep." See Vic's a big mean teddybear.

Lillian snorts. "Any dad who keeps his lil' girl waiting needs a kick in the butt." she says, offering Lorna a small smile. "You don't look like the type that hangs about the docks often. But then, I guess I don't either. Since you have offers, I think I'm not going to add my offer of bodyguarding to the list."

An eye squints at Isabel, "He's /always/ late. He says five, don't bother being there 'til six. Besides," Lorna glances between the three, "It keeps things interesting. Thanks," she smiles at Vicktor, then to Lillian. "Nah, the docks aren't really my thing. /Lovely/ as they are." A wry grin lightens her face. "But, I'll probably just take the subway."

Isabel chuckles and takes another swig. "That damn subway," she curses the public transportation. "I dun' see how ya'll can stand it. I spent two hours in that horrid place b'fore I found myself a guide." With a glance and a wink to Lorna she says, "Naw Peapod, yer too cute ta look like ya beling here. Lil here /might/, but yer a dead give 'way."

Vic makes the mental calculations, nope it's too durned far. "Spose I'll just make sure ya get there then little miss, as ya said doc's aren't really yer thing." Sip of coke again, ahhh feel the sensation. "Besides won't be much trouble, or if ya feel more towards the womanly being less dangerous than a strange guy please go with Izzy here, 'sides she likes picking up strays she tells me." The last brings a grin as he looks back is Isabel.

"I resent the implication that I belong here." Lillian replies, a touch of humor in her voice to prove that she's joking. Looking down at her attire, she adds, "Designing one's own clothes does have the advantage of being sure that everything fits. Which can be a problem at my size."

"Cute?" Lorna asks. "Why, I have you know that... No, I've got nothing." A lilting laughter follows her words as she looks between Lillian and Vicktor. "Naw," she says, her brows knitting seriously. Humor is still upon her face. "I'll be fine. No need to tear either of you away from this... /stimulating/ establishment." She drinks again from the glass of soda.

"S'right ya don't got nothin' on bein' cute!" Izzy says, taking another drink. Leaning back, she catches the times on the television. Oops. "Alrighty ya'll, I hate ta drink an' run, but I have places ta be," she says, hopping off the bar counter and capping the whiskey bottle.

"Shit" he drawls out. "I actually swung by when I saw the bike outside, damn that's a fine looking machine." he says with a hint of longing. "Came in cause well I was fucking lost, was trying to get back to manhattan and well, ya. This is my second day driving around here and I took a few too many wrong turns." He see's Izzy leaving, looks up at the clock and sighs gently. "Shit, looks like I need to get going as well, need to be back before the babysitter gets too worried about where I am."

Lillian checks her watch as she sees everyone else leaving, and shrugs. "Well, I don't have anywhere to be, but if the party's breaking up, I suppose I should find entertainment elsewhere." She digs through her jacket's pockets to find her wallet, and tosses some cash on the bar to pay her bill. "But I think next time I'm going to pick a spot with more liquor choices and less...fish smell."

A frown tugs at the edges of Lorna's expression, and she gives the three a nod. "And /this/ would be my cue to start heading for the subway." She gives them a casual salute. "Thanks for the company." She fishes into her own pocket, reminded of the soda. A couple of dollars are taken out and pushed onto the bar top.

Isabel pulls enough bills from her back pocket to cover her alcohol tab and grabs the bottle. "If'fn yer lost, ya can follow me, but I need ta know where ya tryin' ta git to. An' I make no promises that I don't git us /both/ lost if'fn yer goin' ta a place I ain't been yet. Well, Was right nice ta meet you ladies. See ya'll 'round." And with that she heads out the door, peaking over her shoulder to see if Vic follows.

Vicktor looks at Lorna, and nods to the door while paying for his own tab, "Like I said, I'll take ya where ya need Chika, but don't be playing brave for a bunch of strangers hon." he shrugs as if it's not supposed to be a big deal though there is some concern in his eyes. "Night Ladies." he says to the three he was talking with. Looking over to Izzy he says, "Naw I think I got it, but thanks Izzy."He does walk over to the door and looks to Lorna to see if she will be joining him or not.

Lillian gives Lorna a much closer look, one eyebrow arching as she digs for something in her jacket pocket. Fishing out a business card, she slides it across the bar towards the girl. The card has the words 'Diamond Shards' and has an address and phone number on it. "Give me a call if you'd like. I run a clothing boutique and I'm always looking for someone with a unique look for ads and such." With that, she lays down another bill and starts for the door. "Nice to meet you all."

The card is accepted with a slip of her fingers, brows lifting as she looks it over. It's a look of intrigue, and surprise. She looks up at Lillian with a tilt of her head. "Really? Wow, uh.." Her tone is touched with uncertainty, but clearly flattered. "I'll.. Yea, thanks!" she says to the departing woman after a moment of thought. She, too, stands, taking the final sip from her glass before following the three towards the door.