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July 2006
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xmm_vic [userpic]
Moved in

Well just got everything moved in. Boxes have been carried in, unpacked for the most part. We even made some further use of the uhaul and picked up Jacob a new bed, he's getting a bit older and hell I thought it's about time he had something nice besides the room Aunt Ellen gave for his use is huge.

The cat's flipping hiding under my bed, I hope it doesn't end up pissing under there cause I just don't want to have to smell that, I don't care how good freebreeze is cat piss still stinks.

Dude, we get in to Grampy's and he's got the whole family over, I haven't seen so many of my relatives in years. Poor Jacob, everyone was making such a big deal about him he didn't know what to do. Finally grammy took him in and they made some food.

God it's cool to be back in New York again, it's been ages since the last time. God before high school was finished honestly. It's going to be wierd driving in manhattan again without the trade towers, least they didn't get the Lady Liberty, course then again those...

O well, stayed with Grammy and Grampy for a few days while Ellen and Avy got most of their personal things put away. I was like what the hell guys it's cool just leave it, but nope they packed it all away and told me to go get some things for myself for the place leaving the big things they thought I'd like. So I have now, a new bed for me, for my son, all my shit from Arizona is stored away.

Aunt Ellen even got Jacob a brand new remote control sailboat, he's excited to go out and try it I think. He's only mentioned it like sixty times since we got moved in and unpacked today. I'm not sure if we'll take that tommorow or tonight I think the family might be comming over to take him away so I'm debating taking out the bike, tossing on my jacket and getting some chicks number and maybe, just maybe take grampy's idea and get laid.

That's all for now guys, have a good one.

Current Mood: accomplished

I don't care how good freebreeze is cat piss still stinks.

Cracked me up! :D