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July 2006
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xmm_vic [userpic]
Angry IC posting

Gawddamnitall I hate Avy. You hear that you old dirty kike bastard!!! I owe you a punch in the fucking nose and I know you're screening my fucking calls. Fucking hell Ellen if you read this shit you tell that asshole husband I'm going to pop him in the nose for doing this to me.

I thought you both were bringing me here to go back to school, not be some fucking patsy so you can piss off the family and make changes Avy was too much of a pussy to do himself.

Sure make me, ME, who knows dick about cars being some halfassed manager, wanna be jackass toady for Avy pissing off everyone. Then I get the dammned voicemails you want me to go fire some manager over at the wharehouse? Wtf dude I'm your axe man? Gawddamnitall.

Fucking hell, You reading this shit Tommy? Ya well I'm now apparently some type of office manager for my uncles business, I'm supposed to oversee all his little pet projects and make sure they are making money. Hey Tommy you want a job? Fuck man, and get this shit, apparently I'm also the axe man for the place cause I've already had to fire like four guys. One of them fucking cried on me when I let him go, apparently he wasn't meeting his quota of selling overpriced cars.

I wanted to go to school not be some damned business guy, least not yet. Avy won't even answer his phone right now from me, and I don't know. Hell I've even had a date with a chick who didn't freak out at the sound of me having a kid. Course with this crap It's being postponed until some later time. Sigh.