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Angry Post, lots of swearing and being angryCollapse )

Fucking hell, You reading this shit Tommy? Ya well I'm now apparently some type of office manager for my uncles business, I'm supposed to oversee all his little pet projects and make sure they are making money. Hey Tommy you want a job? Fuck man, and get this shit, apparently I'm also the axe man for the place cause I've already had to fire like four guys. One of them fucking cried on me when I let him go, apparently he wasn't meeting his quota of selling overpriced cars.

I wanted to go to school not be some damned business guy, least not yet. Avy won't even answer his phone right now from me, and I don't know. Hell I've even had a date with a chick who didn't freak out at the sound of me having a kid. Course with this crap It's being postponed until some later time. Sigh.

Hey Bridget,

Looks like I caught you while you're in church. Sorry if ya made a bunch of noise and shit. Works been killing me, god trying to muddle through three businesses with all my relatives being pissed off at me wasn't what I expected when I moved up to New York. Anyways I wanted to appologise, last we talked we had set up a chance to get out and go on a date again. Just been buzy. Sorry. Ya I'll try again later maybe.

Met up with a couple of chicks out a shitty dive bar at the docks, damn that place was rundown. Only reason I actually came in was to look at the bike, looks like one of the chicks digs bikes and is a mechanic, not too bad but pretty small in the chest dept. O well, she's a bit more rough and tumble than me normal, course do I even have a normal after two years of abstinance? Shit.

O well out with the folks tommorow, going museam sight seeing.

/Gawd/ I can ramble, can't I? New Yorker's must wanna beat th' shit outta me.Collapse )

Well got back from going out tonight, took the bike out this time, god it's fucking cool to have it working again. Went to a fucking cowboy bar in New York. Now I've been known to line dance and I don't have the coordination that god gave a flea but hell at least I can do it better than those city bozo's. Hell Tommy I even got the number of a chick, a fucking cop if you can believe it dude! She's not the normal sveltte chicks I used to hook up with back at ASU but least she can talk, ya know, english.

Drove back to the apt, then back into Broklyn and picked up Jacob. Tommy you have no idea how much nicer it is to drive Avy's mercedes than it is my old Honda, thing flew like a bat out of hell I'm surprised I didn't get picked up. Anyways Grampy picked on me for getting a number but not boinking her. And no, I am so not going to try to write out yiddish on this thing.

Jacob had a good time, looks like him and some of the cousins went outside and played in the back yard. It's so unlike AZ dude, I forgot what green looks like, it's amazing man. Anyways dude Jake's out of the tub time to get him into his jammies and well ya know.

Late dude, btw give anyone ya want this LJ man, gunna fuck with the myspace thing in a bit as well.

Because people in New York have no clue what cowboys even are, and thus romanticize them along with, say, astronautsCollapse )

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Just moved in today, Jacob's happy, ICollapse )

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